The Karanambu Trust

giant anteater

"What are your interests?" This is the first question guests are asked. With both the river and the savannahs close at hand there is a wide variety of activities to be enjoyed at Karanambu. You are free to determine what you want to do based on your interests, the time of year and whether the guides have found anything especially unique and interesting to see. We provide two guided excursions each day — one early in the morning and another late in the afternoon and into the evening. As well as being the coolest times to be out, these are usually the best times to see the different birds and animals. Trips may be on the river by boat, on the savannahs by Land Rover or along forest trails on foot to the different ponds in the area. Activities usually include:
  • Searching for wild otters along the river and among the ponds
  • Tracking a giant anteater across the savannah
  • Sipping rum punch while watching the giant Victoria amazonica lily blossom before your eyes
  • Boating through the flooded forest in the wet season
  • Enjoying the flora and fauna along the walking trails among the forest ponds
  • Spotting all sorts of amazing animals when they come out of hiding at night
  • Bird spotting
  • Making cassava
For an additional fee the following activities, which take you further afield, can be arranged:
  • Sports/novice fishing (catch limits are imposed)
  • Visits to the giant termite mounds
  • Visits to the local Amerindian villages of Yupukari and Kwaimatta. If you are lucky you may see one of the local festivals.
  • Caiman tagging with the research team based at Yupukari village
  • Overnight camp at Sumuni pond, a large pond connected to the Rupununi river and famous for its wildlife.