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Happy Riches game review

NetEnt has a huge catalog of popular games, and many of them have stood the test of time and stood like good wine. Unsurprisingly, they want to take advantage of this and rename some of their best games for the Asian market. We could just as well have let the cat out of the bag, since it’s no secret that Happy Riches is the result of NetEnt’s success game, Flowers. Well, at least now you have more options, but in the end. We personally prefer the original game from the Swedish giant.

Happy Riches is a well-done remake, and the characters and visuals are colorful and accurate. However, the game looks a bit dated, which is probably intentional, and it comes with the same math model and features as the inspiration. Happy Riches slot is played on 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 ways to win, and you can wager between 0,0012 BTC and 0,0029 BTC per spin across all platforms and devices. The game flows smoothly on all mobile phones and tablets. So it doesn’t matter if you are playing on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

The main attraction of the game is still the free spins bonus round. In which you can win up to a staggering 15,000 times your stake. This is huge potential, but you will also be faced with a somewhat brutal mathematical model and highly volatile gameplay. The launch of the bonus round is also not a guarantee for big wins, which we can vouch for after our 200-spin test. Therefore, you need to be careful with this Asian beauty. Otherwise it may simply swallow you alive, like a Chinese dragon.

What symbols are there?

The first thing to look out for is that all bonus symbols can land here as double symbols. This means that you can form winning combinations from 3 to 10 symbols (since a double symbol simply counts as 2 regular symbols). The Wild Golden Dragon is by far the highest paid symbol, but it won’t land as a double. Low value royal symbols also cannot land as double symbols, and here is the paytable for Happy Riches slot:

  • Wild Golden Dragon – Pays 166x for 10 in combo
  • Swinging Cat – Pays 66x for 10 in a combo
  • Koi fish – Pays 60x for 10 in a combo
  • Chinese Lantern – Pays 53x for 10 in a combo
  • Green Talisman – Pays 46.6x for 10 in a combo
  • Orange – Pays 40x for 10 in a combo
  • Royal symbols – Pays 6.6 to 3.3 for 5 in a combo

The base game doesn’t have as many bonus benefits, and the wild is what you need to help you out here. The wild red / gold dragon can interfere with all normal symbols to help your form win combos.

However, it cannot come into play for double symbols or for the game’s free spins symbol. Of course, double symbols can also be considered a bonus feature, but we have already covered them above. It’s really all about the bonus round here, so let’s jump right into it.

Free Spins at Happy Riches

The scatter symbol comes with the word “free spin” in gold letters, so it’s hard to miss. You will see a gold bar in the background, just to get an idea of what value you can get here. There are a few things to cover, although the free spins feature itself is pretty straightforward, so please bear with us.

First, the free spins symbol will give you a scatter win when you land between 3 and 8 on the same spin. It is possible to land 8 scatters, because the scatter symbol can also land as a double symbol, like regular symbols with higher values. Landing 3 to 6 scatters pays 2x your bet, landing 7 or 8 scatters pays 4x and 10x respectively.

This gives you a good start in the round, and there are a few more things to help you during the actual function. We almost forgot, but you need at least 4 scatters to trigger the bonus round. Than you can get anywhere from 10 to 30 free spins depending on how many scatters and / or double scatter symbols you get.

Unlike the main game, the wild dragon can now land 2 or 3 high reel symbols. This means fully stacked wild reels are possible here and you will also benefit from a 3x multiplier on all wins during the free spins feature. You can also get extra spins by landing at least 4 scatters on the same free spin. There is no limit as to how many times you do this.

How to play Happy Riches at bitcoin casino?

The game interface looks outdated, as does the game itself. That said, this is a pretty standard NetEnt setup, and we’ll go over everything important here. If you are a beginner or have little experience with online casino bitcoin slots, you may want to pay attention. Experienced players can probably skip this section of the review or skip it entirely.

Let’s start with the green “i” button you see on the left below the reels. You will be taken to the paytable where you can check the meanings of the symbols and familiarize yourself with the bonus features. The paytable is not dynamic, which is usual for this developer. You need to divide each value by 30 paylines to find the winnings by the total bet (we already did this for you later in the review).

Next, you can look at the small wrench icon at the bottom left corner, as this opens the game’s settings menu. Here you can turn on / off the splash screen. Also turn on Quick Spin (which we always do) and check the box to use the spacebar as a scroll button.? The icon will take you to the rules of the game, where all the formal information is located. Here you will learn everything about how to play Happy Riches slot and reveal some of the characteristics.

Finally, you need to set the bet level from 1 to 5 and the coin value from 0.01 to 0.50. This gives you a betting range of 30p to 0,0029 BTC per spin, and you can see the actual value of the cash in small types right below the spin button. The autostart function is a classic NetEnt and includes from 10 to 1000 autospins. As well as advanced options for when the function should automatically stop.

Where to play Happy Riches?

Whenever NetEnt releases a new name, the market pays attention. We have already told you all about how to play this game and here we will give you several options where you can play Happy Riches slot. Most casinos want to incorporate new games from a well-known Swedish developer into their games. So you should have no problem finding a place to play. However, you can also check out the free demo first. Anyway, we have the solutions you need right here.

Play for real money

It’s not an overly difficult game and people who have played slot machines before will likely have no problem starting with the actual deal right now. One of the main services we provide here is a daily scan of all the casinos in the market. This gives you a complete overview of any casino that has this game. And you can find the list at the top of this review page. Just click on the link to get to the top and you can start playing Happy Riches slot machine. You will choose a nice welcome bonus for yourself as you play.

Play Free Demo

Asian-style games are not for everyone and for that reason alone, you might want to try the free demo game first. You don’t have to risk your hard-earned money in the game before you know if you like it or not. Playing the demo gives you a good taste of the gameplay, and we just installed it right here at the top of this page. Follow the link above and you will be able to take advantage of the free test game Happy Riches in no time.

200 Spins of Lucky Wealth

We have to admit that pure Asian style games like this, and especially the reskins intended for this market, are not really our cup of tea. This is just our opinion and preference, and the reason is that it is kind of reworked. We understand why they do this, and we try to remain as objective as possible in this review. But the 200-spin test session allows us to become more subjective and personal.

After all, playing online slots is all about fun and excitement, and you won’t be able to truly enjoy the game if you are completely detached. Anyway, we were still looking forward to our session as we played Flowers for a long time (Happy Riches is a remake). The potential is huge here, so literally anything can happen.

Not being able to play with 0,000039 BTC per spin is annoying, but we took with 0,000058 BTC instead. The game took us by surprise by completing 3 free spins during our first 100 spins. The first 2 times we won more or less insignificant amounts, but we gained a decent amount, 98 times our stake in the third bonus round we launched. Not a bad start, but we’re still just breaking even, at least more or less.

The base game is dealing out a lot of dead spins, and our luck turned around after our pretty busy start. We never kicked off the bonus round for our last 100 spins. But we did have some good base game wins in an ocean of dead spins and minute wins. Those few big wins weren’t enough to keep us afloat and we ended up with the red numbers in our budget.

The game teases you with 2 or 3 free spins symbols (you need 4 for the bonus round, remember) and this is not surprising as this is the only real bonus feature in Happy Riches. Our dream of a super mega rookie luck win was definitely shattered, but we cross our fingers that your first session in this game will be much better than ours.

Summary of the review

Flowers was a popular game from NetEnt in its day and it is still a popular game after all these years. So, it comes as no surprise that NetEnt decided to pitch it to their Roman Remakes department and launch it to a new audience. However, we prefer the original game as the visual presentation looks the same as the 2013 version. The main attraction is the bonus round with 3x multiplier and 15,000x maximum winning potential, which in itself makes the game worth watching. If you like simple gambling and unstable online slots games in which the opportunity to win big is always present, then Happy Riches may be for you.


  • Double characters up to 10 in a combo
  • Free spins with 3x multiplier and folded jokers
  • High volatility and maximum winnings of 15,000 times


  • Interlacing colors aimed at the Asian market

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Flowers – May look a little dated, but there is a reason this game has remained popular for so long. You can’t argue with the test of time, and the various anthropomorphized flowers bring a lot more charm and liveliness to the table than in a game that can be assembled with your common Asian symbols. Everything except the visuals and theme is the same, so it’s up to you which one you prefer.