Responsible Gambling

What is Responsible Gambling?

At, we are all major users. In order to make our users feel valued and respected, our team of experts focuses on assisting you in handling all aspects of game activities and preventing you from participating in the game in the first place. Therefore, is committed to promoting responsible gambling.

The first thing every gamer should remember is that gambling should be regarded as an enjoyable entertainment. It is important to remember that this state can only be maintained if the player learns to control himself, play the game responsibly and not fall into pathological and compulsive traps that can have extremely negative consequences.

The line between playing for fun and the inability to stop wasting, and most importantly, the line between wasting a lot of time, energy, and money in a game is so fine that you often cross it unknowingly. Maintaining self-control of your playful instinct is essential.

If you feel that you are crossing the line, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your family and loved ones should be the first line of defense, but you should also consider contacting professional organizations such as responsible gambling. Provide you with much-needed guidance and helpful hints.

The concept of safe gaming, whether you are playing offline or online, contains a series of tips to help you regain control of the burning impulse and make the game fun again.

• Don’t think of gambling as a way to achieve this.

Most importantly, gambling establishments like land-based casinos and Internet gambling sites are established to make more money than they paid. This means that over time, you lose more money than you make. Remember, this is not the same thing: all forms of gambling have the same principle: the vast majority of people lose, so very few people can win. Almost all people with gambling problems mistakenly expect to be big winners. This belief fuels the problem.

• Always gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Use the money you set aside for entertainment to play games, for example: B. Go to the cinema or have a drink. Never waste money on important things, such as rent, bills, training, etc.

• Never chase losses.

If you lose money, don’t try to get it back by exceeding the limit. This usually leads to greater losses.

• Set funding limits.

Before playing, decide how much money you can afford. When you lose so much money, just give up. If you win, enjoy it, but remember that in most cases it won’t.

• Set a time limit.

Decide how much time you can spend gambling. If you reach the time limit, please stop playing.

• Don’t gamble when you are down or upset.

When you are in a bad mood, it can be difficult to make the right game decisions.

• Balance the game with other activities.

It is important to enjoy other activities so that gambling does not become an important part of your life.

• Gambling and alcohol are a bad combination.

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